Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Homework and Rhymes!

Hello All!
Homework Tonight-
Rhymes and Times Scooter Lesson 6

Here are Rhymes we learned so Far!
1's any number times one is itself
2's count by 2
5's count by 5
12's multiply by 11 then add the multiple (12x4=48 11x4=44+4=48)
9's use the finger trick

Zero is always the HERO
3x3  Nine cuts on my knee
3x4 Twelve knocks on the door
3x7 21 Angels up in Heaven
3x8 24 Horse flies on my plate
6x7 Rings are new shiny and bright all 42
7x7 Roaches on a vine, yucky and scary all 49

Halloween Frolic is on October 25th WE NEED HELP!!!!
Please return the flyer with information asked if you can donate your time the night of the Frolic.  This is our biggest event at Bacon School and would love your help!

Have a Great NIGHT!

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