Wednesday, August 12, 2015

5th Grade Homeroom Assignments! The 5th Grade Bunch...

At this point in the summer we are getting all the kiddos ready to start a new school year. With that being said here is the class assignment list for the 2015-2016 school year.

Mrs.Benson's Bunch
Christian Adams
Nate Adams
Ethan Blanchet
Jiana Brooks
Rashon Butler
Isaiah Caraballo
Jacob Colon
Joshua Colon
Keith Cramer
Cecely Dominguez
Dimiaa Donaldson
Alyssia Gomez
Jasmine Hernandez
Anthony Hubble
Nicholas Leandry
Madison Maines
Dominic Martinez
Destiney Pierce
Amorita Rodriguez
Thomas Smith
Sha'Aliyah Solomon
Kendall Sooy
Steven Torres

Mr.D's Homeroom
Camyr'e Allen
David Allen
Rahmir Butler
Dominic Cerda
Ronnie Clifford
Rocco Colella
Raenell Cottman
Dy'Mir Eckeard-Hayward
Michael Garrido
Ryan Goehle
Tifani Groover
Leah Howard
Ka'Mirra King
Julius Medina
Harry Moore
Daniel Perez
Leeasia Rivers
Carlos Rosa-Colon
Aleah Rothmaller
Emma Seefried
Kevin Smith
Aleya Taylor
Christian Walker
Lydia Washington
Jamar Washington-Cruz

Please look for a letter coming home that lists supplies you will need for the first week of school.
A 1 subject notebook will be used the first DAY! Looking forward to a great school year and making memories in Mrs.Benson's Bunch and the 5th Grade!

If you know others who are in the classes please pass this information along.  If you need more info please look around the blog...

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Reading List 2015-2016

The ALA has issued this summer reading list to bridge the "Summer Slide" between June and September for reading comprehension and loss of knowledge.  To keep your kiddo interested in reading choose one of these books to help keep the slide to a minimum.  I chose to make my own kiddos read at least 15 minutes a day or write a story...  We make it fun and read to each other.  My 5th grader likes to read before she goes to sleep. There are tons of books out there but these are a few that the Association for Library Service to Children suggest from polling kids ages 8-11.
Here is another site you may want to peek at if your kiddo has no interest in the books above:
Here is another resource that can help you everyday! 

To further enhance your kiddo's understanding and keep their comprehension on grade level, complete a book report to go along with one of the books they read.  Here are a few they can complete for a Homework Pass to use during the next school year 2015/2016.


SuperTeachers Book Report Form (click link)

Book Report Poster
There are sooo many on the internet to choose from... these are fun and good for a summer activity.
Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing them!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Blank Space...

Thank you to everyone who made this such a great year! Wow, did it fly by.
I appreciate all the gifts and cards, you have no idea how special that makes me feel.  Please don't forget about us at Bacon School, we will always hold a special place in our hearts for your little ones... well, not so little ones.
I'm sitting in my room and it's quiet... for the first time since August 2014... 
I now have a blank space to fill with new kiddos for the upcoming school year, and a blank space to fill with more education, artwork, and wonderful new faces.
See you some time soon...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Not Good-Bye... See you some day soon...

To our dear sweet, loving, kind, amazing-artists,
scientists,astronauts,hairstylists, doctors , nurses, architects,
singers, actors, cheerleaders, teachers,video game engineers, and
technology gurus- our kiddos- class of 2015;
The last few years with all of you have been- trying, emotional,
encouraging, uplifting, goal setting , frustrating, understanding, and
absolutely wonderful. I can't explain to you how proud we are of you
and honored to call you Bacon Bears. I know sometimes we (me) yell,
and have short hot tempers(Italians) and get upset
with you, but just as the tide washes shells away each day there is
different sand there and with every tide wiping clean the ground, we
start new. (Metaphor btw) there's always a hug, or a grin letting you
know fresh new days bring fresh new attitudes and behaviors. Just like
when you step up to Lakeside Middle School, a fresh new school, and
fresh new start to shine.
We are sad to see you go, but excited for your extraordinarily bright
futures. So We want to leave you with this...
We are your biggest fans, never forget the small moments we've shared
in your lives, and remember-
 Tride and True, Bacon Blue, Then, Now, Always FAMILY!
Congratulations to the RM Bacon Class of 2015...
You will be missed...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Final Class Trip Tomorrow!!!!

Class of 2015
Beach Trip

Attention Parents!

Tomorrow we will be going on our final trip together to Ocean City NJ.  We will be surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, and building sandcastles.  Below are the items your child should pack and wear.
Please wear a Bathing suit to school with your Bacon School T-Shirt over and a pair of sweatpants and flip-flops or sandals.  Bring or wear a sweatshirt.  (it looks like morning rain)

BRING  in a Backpack-
          Extra underwear (undergarments for girls, underpants)
          Change of clothes- shorts and a shirt
          Beach Towel
          Lunch with a drink and extra snack
          Plastic bag for wet clothes

Please feel free to follow the bus we are leaving at exactly 9:30 am,
Don’t be late.
If you are following the bus you can bring a boogie board(make sure your name is on it) and or sand toys with your name on it.  If kids want to bring their boogie boards to school we have transportation for them to get to them beach-make sure their names are on it.

It’s going to be so much fun!
Thanks in advance!!!

Mrs. Benson, Mr. D, and Mrs. Markel

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Scholarship Essay

Students will be writing essays that will enable them to win a $100 Scholarship Award.

Anthony DiNofio Scholarship
In honor of the late Anthony DiNofio.

Vincenzo an Italian boy, from Italy has just moved to Millville, specifically Bacon School Area. He will be attending Bacon in the upcoming school year.
From your previous knowledge how can you help him
"fit in"/adapt to living in Millville(your neighborhood), the United States, and attending Bacon School.
Write a 5 paragraph essay explaining and helping him to adapt.
Make sure you include;
*figurative language
*transition words
*sentence variation
*proper verb usage

Also the HSA will be awarding a winner for a $100 scholarship!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Celebrate with us... The Stepping Up of The Class of 2015

Please bring your family members and cameras out to see our Class of 2015 Step Up 2 Sixth Grade!
June 16th @ 6pm in the Bacon School Gymnasium
Students should arrive at 5:45pm and wear their Sunday Best
Looking Forward To Seeing Everyone's Families
Mrs.Benson and Mr. D

Parents, You are Cordially Invited to Attend...

Please ONLY 2 attendees and NO sibilings.
Call ahead and let us know you will be attending.
Thank you so much. 
Invitation to Follow.
Stepping Up Ceremony will be the following night at 6pm in the RM Bacon School Gym.
Invitation to Follow.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Field Trip!!! 5/29 and MORE!!!

Our very first trip together as student leaders!!! Our reward for these awesome kiddos for doing hard work and helping out the Bacon School Community is to go to High Elevations Trampoline Park!!!
We are jumping from 11-1pm having pizza and snacks then making our way back to school for dismissal. 
Mr. D and I are very Proud to say they deserve this trip. 
Hope to see you all at Our promotion ceremony on June 16th at 6pm, luncheon is the 15th at 12 for 2 parents/guardians per child only(no younger siblings please), and our final goodbye trip is on June 18th and parents are welcome to follow behind the bus to 59th Street Beach in Ocean City.