Sunday, November 23, 2014

Shortened Week 1/2 Days!!

Hello Everyone!
This week we have Parent/Teacher Conferences Monday and Tuesday.  We will be having 1/2 Days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!!!!

1:45 pm Dismissal Monday thru Wednesday

Island of the Blue Dolphin Assessment Wednesday

Study the Guides-Question Sections to get a jump on the assessment. The assessment will be open-ended questioning just like the first test.  
Book Report will be assigned for the long weekend-Story Board Poster.  
More info and a sample will be posted on Wednesday.

Please have a wonderful week!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekend HOMEWORK?!?!

Yes, sorry but there is weekend homework.  I know you all like to relax on weekends but I need to get this novel over with! It's taking us a long time because of interruptions and events so I am assigning the rest of the chapters, CH 26-29 this weekend along with the study guides.
The link below is all the guides.
Parents please make note that the answers are at the end if you print them out. Kids- if you copy the answers, remember you have to cite the text too!!!! 

Enjoy your weekend... 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Homework 11/20

HOMEWORK 11/20!!
Read Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapters 24-25
Complete Organizer to summarize the chapters.

1:45 Dismissal

Island of the Blue Dolphin BOOK test Wednesday November 26th!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Turkey Time at Bacon!

We had a fantastic day today! Every kiddo was happy and helping. We worked our tails off serving, setting up, and cleaning up turkey dinner for over 300 people!!!! Way to go kiddos!!! 
They were perfect little ladies and gentlemen❤️ Mr. D and I are so proud! Fifth is Fantastic!!! 
Our Rowan Students helped out!!! 
Video coming soon!


WE had FUN!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Parent Teacher Conferences!!!

Coming Home Monday
Parent Teacher Conference Slips
Please sign ASAP! Also I am still missing a few coupon books and need to order the rest of our stack.  Send in the book or money ASAP!!!!
 Schedule for this week-
Monday- Pie DAY!
Tuesday- Set up for the feast PM
Thursday- Normal day
Friday- Half DAY!!!!  1:45 Dismissal 

 Schedule for 1/2 Days 

11/21 Friday PT Conferences 1:45 dismissal
11/24 Monday PT Conferences 1:45 dismissal
11/25 Tuesday PT Conferences 1:45 dismissal